Read Terms before you make an offer request

Driver Requirements

Driving license and at least 18 years of age.
Previous driver experience is not required.
Maximum length about 196 cm in weight about 120 kg.
If the driver can not drive due to physical measurements or width / weight, we agree separately for repayment.
The promillera is absolute nil.
The driver can be blown if needed.

Billing and cancellations

The invoice is always sent before driving.
The invoice must be paid no later than the due date before the ride or else the booking will be canceled.
Cancellation can only be made with an official medical certificate, whereby repayment is possible.
Close death or short-term illness is also considered to be a cause of cancellation.
The reservation is binding when the customer submits the billing information by e-mail at the time of registration or otherwise the organizer is required to arrange for a new run event if the run is canceled due to technical problems or technical problems. The track may also change in this case.
the organizer decides when the driving / driving performance is suspended with reference to safety, eg heavy rain or driver's careless driving / non-compliance with safety regulations.

Insurance and deductibles

The driver runs under his / her own responsibility and requires a signature where the driver accepts and acknowledges the risks associated with the driving performance.
If necessary, the driver may use his / her own insurance, if any.
Formula 1 car ownership is up to € 5,000 if the driver fails to produce damage to the car.
The Formula Renault car's maximum deductible is € 2500.
The organizer is always responsible for the technical delays.