May 3, 2018

Valtteri Bottas was driving his first GP victory in Baku Azerbaijan at Formula 1 season 2018 but couple laps before the finnish line but bad luck come in to the game. Earlier in the race team redbull drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo crash each others and after that there was some car parts on the track. Two laps before finnish line Valtteri Bottas drive directly to the part and his tyre exploded. 

May 3, 2018

UNLEASH EXPERIENCE starts selling Formula 1 experiences with cryptocurrencies. You can pay with Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies. A participant gets a training to drive Formula 1 Williams FW-29 car, driven by the previous world champion Nico Rosberg. Races happen in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Behind Unleash Experience is a crypto entrepreneur, Aleksi Vitakoski, former CEO of (

“I was a guest of Speedpassion to experience the thrill of Formula 1 driving. It was so awesome, that it felt natural to offer the same experience for others as well.”

“I’ve been developing Bitcoin payment infrastructure from the almost beginning and it’s great to be here again to take part of a historical bitcoin launch.”, says Aleksi Vitakoski, Founder of Unleash Experience.

“I’ve been always open for new ideas, so Bitcoins and Formula 1 sounded like an interesting match. We want to offer the best Formula-experience to all eager people and I believe that cryptocurrenc...

March 22, 2018

Listen to an interesting interview with Dani Alves. If you not follow any soccer Dani Alves is the FB Barcelona's legendary defenseman from Brazil. Dani Alves 

Also in other people have dreams, become a Formula 1 driver, so also with Robert Kubica. 

Robert Kubica's return had to be sure thing and case already commented for other Formula 1 drivers, we heard negative opinions on Robert Kubica returns when, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, commenting on "Robert Kubica's return would be a blow to young drivers"

Earlier, Robert Kubica was a great promise. He made history in the BMW Sauber when he take  the first grand prix victory in team history. 

Robert Kubica was seriously injured in February 2011 at the Di Andorra rally competition in Italy. After that, no one believed in his return, but he would not start for the coming season in Melbourne he is in any case back on the track and reserve driver for Williams F1 team.

March 21, 2018

For many years now has been discussed about the safe part called halo that will be finally introduced in the beginning of the season. Many have had direct comments on the use of the security barrier. Some of the formulas would be willing to cut it into pieces and, in part, all the factors that improve safety are good for the species. The cusks have told us they used to be well in the safety harness and did not hear anything to keep in touch with it.

For the 2018 the number of engines is limited to 4 pieces, ie every motor should run approximately 7 Formula 1 races. 

T-Wings which were placed on the top of the engine are now totally banned on car. T-Wings and halo are certainly the two most visible external changes on the formula 1 car season 2018.

Tyres we have a  7 different types: Hypersoft, ultrasoft, supersoft, soft, medium, hard, superhard.

Pirelli has already released first 4 tires for Melbourne, which are medium, soft, supersoft and ultrasoft. The first Formula 1 race in 2018 will...

March 21, 2018

Rosemary Smith is world olded person who has driven by Formula 1 car. Many people are beginning to think how this is possible. Behind the story is the former rally car driver Rosemary Smith. Although this history does not have the full capacity for formula 1 car. His active career was in the 1960s in racing cars. Rosemary Smith was well-known that he won a number of male drivers.

Renault and Infiniti wanted to offer Rosemary the chance to try out the 800-horsepower Renault Formula 1 car. After hearing about the possibility of Rosemary Smith, he did not suspect, but grabbed the challenge. According to him, life is meant to be lived and not just his way to be home. His support for the event was the current Renault Formula 1 driver and Formula GP2 world champion Jolyon Palmer. Check the full experience at Renault UK youtube channel.

March 18, 2018

One of the most interesting drivers for season 2018 is definetly Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes AMG Petronas. Valtteri tells media that, second places and podiums not enough and he wants to against only world championships. Last year Bottas win's 3 GP's included Russia, Austria and United Arab Emirates. In the opening season, Valtteri Bottas holds the belt of the last gp win.

He has decided to continue on where Abu Dhabi was left. Many experts can certainly sign this tactic.

March 18, 2018

Lewis Hamilton's contract negotiations are in the final stages. Helmut Marko from Redbull Racing tell the media that, according to my information, mercedes is making an agreement until 2020 with Lewis Hamilton. Toto Wolf gave further strength to this by saying that it almost sure that, Lewis continue in Mercedes next two years. Lewis Hamilton is chasing the coming F1 season for he's six world championships. Most of the world championships are Michael Schumacher.

Update: According to British media, new information has been come that the value of the future contract is 91 million and 2 years for Lewis Hamilton. Let's wait for the final confirmation.

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